Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The next big thing: Saigon Cafe

If you like being able to say you knew about something "before," then you need to get to Saigon Cafe now, because this place is going to be big.  That's right, Vietnamese food has finally come to Stamford!

It's a tiny (four tables) spot on the nondescript east side of Atlantic Street, serving deli fare like chicken cutlet sandwiches and tuna wraps, but the real reason to go is the Vietnamese food!  At Saigon Cafe, you can enjoy Vietnamese staples such as Phờ and bánh mì, the delicious baguette sandwiches that foodies in NYC drool over.

I had the #10 sandwich - pork pate and Vietnamese cold cuts - and it was awesome.  The cold cuts and pate were tasty and savory without being salty, and the pickled veggies at the bottom gave it a cool crunch.  I'm already planning on running down the whole bánh mì menu!

PS: Before you gorge on turkey and cranberry sauce this Thursday, head down to Shippan for the Shippan Turkey Trot!  It's a zany costume race that raises money for the Shelter for the Homeless on Pacific Street.  Bonus: you can get one more use out of that Edward or Jacob Halloween costume before Twilight is forgotten forever!


Unknown said...

i had heard of thisin the Spring and have been waiting patiently for it...my first exposure to Vietnamese food was in Philadelphia and i loved it and had been wishing ofr one to open here and now we have it!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Love banh mi and the prices are pretty good.

iss payar ko main kia naam doon said...

so nice blogger i like all the posts

Wolfard said...

Thanks for the race mention! We raised over $6,000!