Monday, May 4, 2009

Scenes from the Glenbrook train station

I won't pay eight bucks to park at the Stamford train station if I can avoid it, so on the weekends we hop the train at Glenbrook, where parking is free. You have to be on time because the next train won't be along for an hour, but it's worth it on principle alone.

So we were waiting for the 10:39 on Saturday when I spotted this flyer:

Is it that time of year again already? It seems like just yesterday I was PICKING UP MY NEIGHBORS' TRASH. What's wrong with people? Are empty water bottles really that heavy?? Even if you can't get to a recycle bin, at least throw it in the trash, not on the freakin' curb!!

Anyway, I think this is a great program, and if I'm around that weekend, I plan to hit up one of the sites.

I also saw this on the platform:

Many people might be dismayed that the Advocate has raised the price of their Monday-Saturday editions from 50 cents. However, a closer look reveals that they have, in fact, lowered the price to three quarters of a cent.

No wonder the newspaper industry is in bad shape! They're practically giving these papers away! They must be using the Bradford's pricing system.


Anonymous said...

That paper isn't worth anymore then .75 cents

Anonymous said...

Do you have change for a penny?

Strictly Stamford said...

There's a newspaper in this town?

Stamford Talk said...

Your attention to punctuation cracks me up!