Friday, June 5, 2009

I had THE burger

My wife took me to Napa for my birthday and I had to get it. Hoo boy, did it live up to the hype. The meat was perfect. The bun was delicious, with just the right amount of crispness. The onion jam and the mayo, sublime. I tried to take pictures of it, but every shot was too bright and washed out because of the holy aura emanating from the burger. To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, if you have the means, I highly recommend it. It is so...mwa! (Imagine the "delicious" hand gesture there.)

So...what should I put on my list next? I'm leaning towards Egane because my sister and her husband went to Korea recently and loved the food. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

been to egane and liked it. food nice and fresh.

Anonymous said...

I love Egane. Still waiting for Korean food to get it's well-deserved spotlight. Maybe you could write a review of Egane and show it some love. :)

Mark said...

We had the burger last Thursday. Was incredible. The only thing I can say bad about it is that I don't think I could order another one. I felt like I could not eat red meat for at least a week.

But it was wonderful.

ricky said...

does anyone else think they put wayyyy to much mayo on 'the' burger though??