Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Electile dysfunction

I think I should call the doctor because it seems like this election is lasting WAY more than four hours. I've already complained about overused phrases, but now I'm just burned out on the whole darn thing and completely sick of hearing anything about it.

The most directly annoying aspect is the deluge of glossy flyers I keep getting in the mail from all the campaigns. Not only are they a waste of paper (though I recycle them along with all my other junk mail), but they're nasty and simplistic. I'm especially tired of the ones that claim that one candidate (usually the incumbent) is SOLELY responsible for SINGLE-HANDEDLY DESTROYING CONNECTICUT, and that ONLY by electing their opponent will we be saved from BANKRUPTCY, MASS STARVATION, REANIMATED CORPSES and NUCLEAR WINTER!!!!!

Blaming one party, let alone a single elected official, for the problems in our state and our nation is beyond oversimplification. The flip side of that is the other party claiming that they have ALL THE SOLUTIONS and that if you vote for them, everything will be perfect and we'll all get personal jetpacks and unicorns as pets.

The truth is that both parties are part of the problem; when things are going poorly, blaming the party in power is a cheap campaign ploy. The only way out of this mess is for our elected officials to SHUT UP, SIT DOWN and WORK IT OUT LIKE ADULTS. Like it or not, we're all in this together, so the only way forward is together.


Kevin McKeever said...

My fave came yesterday. Joe Tarzia (yes, of the city Board of Finance) featured on a Foley mailer saying, "I don't see how Dan Malloy could fix the ethic problems in Hartford. As Mayor he was investigated for corruption. ..."

So being investigated, in the mind Joe "Multiple Charges Pending Against Me in front of the city Board of Ethics" Tarzia, equals being guilty -- regardless of the actual finding (Mallory was cleared).

Um, not well played, Joe. Not at all.

Streets of Stamford said...

Unfortunately, the facts no longer matter. Unless someone looks into that statement, all they'll take away is "Dan Malloy" and "corruption." They all know how to phrase things and what words to use for maximum shock value.

Just look at how "death panels" became such a firestorm even though anyone with an ounce of common sense would've realized it wasn't true.

Anonymous said...

Coming out of my house today I saw - I am not kidding - standard yellow Post-it Notes with a stamp affixed to every car around. The stamp reads "Cut Waste Cut Taxes Hugh Dolan Comptrolr." Apart from the fact that they couldn't be bothered to spell out the word "Comptroller," it seems like the definition of waste is Post-it Notes littered all over cars.