Friday, January 21, 2011

Consume mass quantities!

I'm sure most of you have seen, or at least heard of, the stomach-turning (yet oddly fascinating) show Man vs. Food. The show's host, Adam Richman, travels around the country eating the biggest/hottest/cheesiest/beaniest/whatever-est foods he can find. If a restaurant has an "Eat This and It's Free"- type challenge, he's there.

Thinking locally, there's only one place I know of that has anything like that. Seaside Cafe dares you to eat twenty-five sliders in an hour; if you succeed, it's free and you get your name on the wall. I should clarify that you actually have fifty minutes to eat the sliders -- and then you have to keep everything down for the final ten minutes.

(The late, great Fireside used to have a Buffalo wing-eating contest, but they stopped when, oh, some former employees burned the damn place down.)

So, are there any other food challenges in Stamford? If so, is anybody thinking of tackling one?? I'd love to cover it!! I might even bust out the old camcorder and slap together a little video to commemorate the event.
Here are some pictures to whet your appetite for oversized food:

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Unknown said...

I believe (and my husband would have to confirm) that Vinny's does a "triple play" type contest with wings, pizza and dessert in large quantities.....