Friday, January 28, 2011

New la la

I am such a dedicated blogger that I got out of my car in the middle of our 46th snowstorm of the season to take some pictures of this new café in Ridgeway, between Carter's and CVS.

The inside looks pretty nice:

They have a website, but it's just a placeholder for now: Cafe oo la la. According to the window coverings, it'll be a "unique European style eatery" offering "the finest meats and cheeses from around the globe," "New York's best pastries," and "locally sourced organic produce." It's a bold move to open a coffee shop just across the plaza from Starbucks, but it sounds like they're going to have some pretty interesting stuff.

It'll be nice to have another independent coffee joint in town, plus it sounds like a neat place. I'll definitely check it out, especially for their cheeses and meats!


Anonymous said...

NASTY LA LA..This new place that your blabbing about is TERRIBLE. The coffee is garbage, the tea is nothing special, you can get it from anywhere. The cappuccino is HORRIBLE. The food is not worth buying. The only thing worth purchasing is the bagels. And p.s. whoever the baker is sucks the cookies and sweets are nasty.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the coffee at Cafe Oo La La, but then, i am not a Starbucks coffee fan. I had a quiche, which was delicious and made on the premises. I also loved the beet salad i had, with their home made raspberry vinaigrette dressing. The croissant was incredible!

I am so glad to see a cafe in that area, I was always looking for a place to eat after running errands!

They just had their grand opening yesterday, so not sure if you are talking about the same place?

Anonymous said...

What a great place - we really need something like this in Stamford to counterbalance all the fried food and chain store garbage. Place looks great - like it belongs in Paris or Soho. The food is excellent, the quiche and steak sandwich were out of this world. I am a big fan of starbux -but Oolala coffee is so much better (never thought i would say that). And where else can you get fresh NYC breads and pastries in Stamford? I am a fan!