Monday, August 29, 2011

ComiCONN was awesome!

I had a freakin' blast at ComiCONN!  It was my first comic convention, and I loved it.  I got to see amazing artwork, cool toys and products, lots of comic books (obviously), and I also met a whole bunch of really nice people.  Sure, they didn't have any big movie stars, but because it was a smaller, low-key event, you could really spend time talking with the artists, vendors and even a former G.L.O.W. wrestler - Roxy Astor!  I also learned that there's a classic movie museum up in Bristol!  It's called the Witch's Dungeon, and I can't wait to check it out!

Anyway, here are some of the fun pictures I took at the show:

 Zombie parody movie posters by Matt Busch!

 Dismembered G.I. Joe figures!

A working R2-D2!

Captain America cupcakes!

A giant Dr. Zaius head!

Authentic Japanese pachinko machines from!

Not surprisingly, comic books!

"Wait," you might be saying to yourself, "if this was a comic book convention, where are all the people in costume??"  I'm glad you asked, because here they are!

So much for Jedi mind tricks...

The Joker and Hellboy!
 The god of thunder and his children, Supergirl and Batboy?!?  Way to piss off three different fanbases, guys.

 A bunch of random superheroes!

Two Thors, two Deadpools and two very confused kids!

And finally, my favorite costume - Alan Rickman, I mean Professor Snape!

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