Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The (new) Old House comes to East Main Street!

What's the one thing that could bring me out of winter hibernation? Food! Especially good food! And The Old House's new location will definitely have good food!


The Old House on Selleck Street serves up awesome Peruvian and Guatemalan food, but it's kind of hidden in an industrial part of town. This new second location on East Main Street (near Casa Villa's second location) will put it right on a main road with plenty of eyes (and stomachs) passing by every day.

The most well-known Peruvian dishes are ceviche and lomo saltado, but my favorite meals from The Old House are the tallarin de pollo (stir-fried chicken, veggies, and spaghetti) and the chaufa de pollo (same thing but with rice instead of spaghetti). They're savory and delicious without being greasy. I've only had a few Guatemalan things from The Old House, and I liked the pupusas (corn cakes topped with combinations of cheese and meats).

The new restaurant is slated to open in April, but I'll post a follow-up when it's up and running.

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