Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The South End is dead

Death, taxes, banks, and CVSs.  You can always count on those four things in Stamford, and the South End is not immune to the CVS scourge.  Coming soon, right across from Fairway:

My main issue with this isn't that it's yet another CVS in Stamford (the 1449th, by my count), or even that it's a generic, boring CVS that looks like every other CVS.  My biggest issue is that it's a one-story standalone building with a huge parking lot in a part of town that should have much higher density in its buildings.

The city and BLT essentially have a blank slate down there, but instead of creating new and interesting buildings and neighborhoods, we get this.  I can't believe the city planners approved this bland suburban box in such an urban setting.  Why couldn't this CVS be incorporated into an apartment building like the Walgreen's on East Main Street?  Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I moved to the South end (into one of those new buildings) 6 months ago. This doesn't feel all that surprising. The people developing the neighborhood have absolutely no intention in building a community, and that's been clear from the start. Their MO is to generate income and kick out anyone who gets in their way (like the people who grew up in the area).

Just like so many other parts of Stamford, it's shortsighted and going to end up being an eyesore in 15 years. Ugh.

Think they'll allow any local businesses to open up in the south end? There's some really pretty old building sitting empty, yet they're rushing to throw another CVS in. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I agree the use a empty building for this this is a wast of land, UGLY BOX STORE.

Anonymous said...

So ugly !!