Saturday, May 9, 2009

WSJ on the CTW, UBS, RBS, $$$

The Wall Street Journal noticed us! There's an article on about how the financial crisis has impacted Stamford and what the city is doing about it. It's pretty interesting, although I've never heard the phrase "Wall Street North." I usually call Stamford "Bridgeport South." I kid, I kid.


Anonymous said...

I read that " Developers have shelved luxury projects like a Ritz-Carlton hotel, while others that were under way when the crisis hit face an uncertain future."

I didn't realise that the Ritz project had been shelved (I knew it had been delayed). Have you heard anything on this?

Streets of Stamford said...

I think I saw in the Advocate a year or so ago that they were putting it on hold until the economy picks up. At least they filled in the hole!

Anonymous said...

The Stamford downtown website indicates that ground will break in 2012. I see a couple of digger type trucks sitting in the lot. I wonder what they will do with the site for the next 3 years.